our in stock beanbags are available until sold out. please contact us for custom beanbag orders.

Round footstool beanbag with perspex table top

Ever thought that one of our round footstools would look great with a hard top so you could use it as a little table next to your other outdoor beanbags to put nibbles and drinks on?

Well, great minds think alike!!

We did a special order of some perspex tops that would fit directly onto the round stool – and it is a match made in heaven!!

For it to work, you need to make sure your round footstool is full of beans – not so the seams are busting, but so there are enough beans that the top remains stable – perfectly creating a bean bag table!

We tried our new bean bag table next to our double lounger and single chaise beanbags – it is the perfect height to hold your dip and biscuits, drink, camera, and anything else really… it is huge!!

We do have a couple in stock for anyone in Perth wanting to order them, contact us for pricing – unfortunately they are quite difficult (and expensive) to post.