our in stock beanbags are available until sold out. please contact us for custom beanbag orders.
Outdoor Garden Furniture

Want new Garden Furniture? Get some Outdoor Beanbags!

Looking for a bean bag that you can use for your outdoor garden furniture?

Look no further. We have a huge range of beanbag styles and colours to suit any back yard or front yard requirement.

Setting up an outdoor cinema in your garden? The double lounger is super comfortable and gives you plenty of room to spread out, or the single chaise lounger lets you put your feet up!

Want your beanbags to be highly portable and easy storage? The Oval beanbag is our smallest outdoor beanbag. Chuck it in the car to go for a picnic at the park, then bring it back home to sit and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in your own backyard.

Looking for something for the kids? The child chair, 1m x 1m cushion and the round stools or square stools are great for children’s outdoor garden furniture.

Have another idea in mind and want suggestions for what we suggest for your garden furniture requirements? Send us an email through contact us.