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Outdoor Beanbags on Social Media

We live in the day and age where everything is on the internet. We all chat on the internet, email each other (but even that takes too long) and we instant message – I’m sure most of us use our mobile phones as our little internet device more than our phone right?

It is great to have a professional website and the shop front, but we all need the interaction, the asking and answering of questions, general chatting and the building of relationships?

And where does all this happen? Social media! The thing we love about social media is that it is a chance for us to just be ourselves. You get the personality behind the company, a true gauge of what we love, where we are, we are more relaxed and we enjoy having some fun!

Come and check out what goes on behind the scenes at Outdoor Beanbags – so head over to our pages like us, follow us and interact with us.



See you there!!