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Product Safety Australia - keeping our kids safe around beanbags

Ensuring the safety of kids with Bean bags & filling

In Australia we are governed by Product Safety Australia and we need to make sure we are compliant with their regulations.

There are many businesses that sell beanbags in Australia that are imported from China or Indonesia, however it is super important to make sure that your new beanbag complies with the Australian regulations. They have been developed to ensure our kids are kept safe, and to remind parents of the hazards of beanbags with small children.


All of our beanbags come with NO ZIPPER TAGS and locking zippers. The locking zipper will not allow the opening of the zipper without the locking mechanism being disengaged. We are not allowed to provide a zipper tag or anything that is deemed as an opening mechanism with our beanbags, which is super frustrating, but easy to get around with a paperclip. Whilst we provide inner bags for all of our beanbags, we are aware that not everyone will use the inner bag to fill their beanbag. This means that we need to remove the zipper tag from the outer cover also, as the locking zipper needs to be on the bag that has direct access to the beanbag filling.

Our manufacturer in Bali has not found a suitable waterproof locking zipper as yet, which is why we do not offer beanbags designed to be immersed in the pool at this time.


All beanbags sold within Australia need to have a prominent safety warning label on both the inner bag and outer bag of your beanbags. This is a reminder to all who use the beanbags that things can go wrong with young children and beanbags, and that a beanbag may not be a suitable sleeping option for a baby or toddler, nor should you leave your young child unattended with a beanbag with a pull tag on the zipper, or exposed bean bag filling.


We highly recommend you check out the seller that you are purchasing your new beanbag from, to make sure they are complying with Australian Product Safety Regulations. If they are not able to give you specific information on how they comply with the regulations, then they may not be a reputable seller.

You can rest assured that we have spent a considerable amount of time ensuring we are compliant with the Australian Safety Standards for beanbags, and that we take beanbag safety around children very seriously.

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