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Looking For Beanbags?

Look no further coz we sell amazing ones!!

How can I say that? Because I have high standards and have taken the time and expense to find a great manufacturer, who not only makes the beanbags according to Aussie Product Safety standards, he makes them to my standards too.

Did you know?

We started off with a manufacturer who didn’t value quality or integrity. He was a yes, yes, yes man but with a quality that said no, no, no! I was so frustrated that I considered quitting Outdoor Beanbags early on. Instead, I flew over to Bali and I went to every beanbag shop I could find, until I found our new manufacturer. He has been my manufacturer for many years now, and how blessed I am to have an amazing man to work with.

When you buy from us at Outdoor Beanbags, you are buying from a micro business that is punching well above it’s weight. A business that has taken some hits but got back up every time, and a business that values providing the best product we can possibly provide.

And I do a happy dance every time those beanbag orders come through!!

You can make me happy dance by buying from us right here – www.outdoorbeanbags.com.au