Shop For Outdoor Beanbags Online

Here at Outdoor Beanbags, we don’t have a physical shop. All of our Outdoor Beanbags are sold online and are posted from our HQ in Carabooda on the outskirts of the Northern Suburbs of Perth WA. If you are local, we can arrange to drop your beanbags off so you don’t need to wait for Australia Post. 

You will see that we have two categories – In Stock Now and Made to Order. The beanbags we have at HQ are all listed in the In Stock Now category. You will see that these are all on sale – this is because we have made the decision to focus on wholesale and branded beanbags for companies, events and organisations. Don’t worry, we are still making to order for retail, but we won’t be ordering any more stock to keep at our HQ.

Outdoor Beanbags - IN STOCK NOW

We have very limited colours available in stock. We will not be re-ordering stock to hold here in Perth as we are now focusing on custom made beanbags. What is here are the only what is available. If your choice is not in stock, Shop for our Made to Order Outdoor Beanbags.

Outdoor Beanbags - MADE TO ORDER

All made-to-order beanbags are made by our manufacturer in Bali, and will take between 4-5 weeks from order to delivery. We do have a very small number of beanbags In Stock Now if you want to check those out too… but there isn’t many left!

Commercial & Wholesale Outdoor Beanbags

Are you looking for wholesale pricing on your beanbags? 

Eventually we will automate our pricing on our website so you can do it all on here, but until then, please send us an email via our CONTACT page. Please don’t forget to let us know quantities you are looking at purchasing and styles you are interested in purchasing.

We can also do branded beanbags for your business or event! Let us know what you would like and we can give you a price.