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Outdoor beanbags making a difference

Temperance Town Aftercare – Making a Difference

This is Heleen, she has been TIC (ICE / METH) free for a year and has been working at the Temperance Town Aftercare. She is the sister of one of the aftercare workers and a young mum in the Temperance Town community.

I had the opportunity to meet her and spend some time with her in May this year. She works with the little ones at the aftercare during the day and has been developing great relationships with the kids and others in the community.

These life transformations and success stories are why we do what we do at Outdoor Beanbags – funding missions work and making a difference in the life of those who are less fortunate. It is a big problem, but one life changed is still one life that has been turned around. One family that has been turned around, and a couple of children that will have a better chance in life than they did before.

Thank you for standing with us to make a difference – thank you for your support!