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outdoor beanbags trialing eco friendly mailer

Outdoor Beanbags is Trialing Eco Friendly Mailers

We are pleased to announce that Outdoor Beanbags has changed the way the beanbags are posted, so eco friendly mailers can be trialed.

We have changed over to Heaps Good XL mailers instead of plastic satchels. We have also registered for an Australia Post business account so we can print our own labels, saying goodbye to the pre-paid satchels.

At this stage, we are still using a clear packing tape to adhere the label to the bag, which will need to be removed before placing the eco-mailer in the compost bin.

It is always tough as a small business trying to do our thing for the environment, but also finding a product that will stand up to the heavy demand of heavy beanbags within our postal system.

So far, it seems to be going well, but we would love feedback from customers receiving products in the eco mailers, as to how they held up during the postage phase.

Hopefully we won’t have any issues, and can continue with the eco friendly mailers and continue to do our part for the environment.

Interested in the mailers? Check them out here at Heaps Good Packaging.

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