Outdoor Beanbag Hire in Perth

We have had many requests over the years if we hire our beanbags for events, and as we never had the space needed to store filled beanbags, our answer has always had to be no.

Just over a year ago we moved house, and we now have storage space, but were still sitting on the fence as to whether we were going to jump into the Beanbag Hire industry.

I had a recent enquiry from a lady looking to hire some beanbags for her son’s birthday party – and I thought, why not… so here we are, trialing outdoor beanbag hire in Perth.

We are starting with what we have – we have just purchased 5 x grey ovals and 5 x turquoise ovals as part of our hire stock. We are also able to take stock out of our online shop and use as hire stock also – so if you are after something in particular, let us know!

Currently we are only servicing Perth for our beanbag hire, but we are looking for event hire businesses across Australia who may be looking to partner with us.

UPDATE ** Apologies, we are no longer offering beanbag hire services. We are on the hunt for an event hire business who would like to partner with us to provide Outdoor Beanbag hire here in Perth. If this is you – please click here.